team think tank: who we are

Embracing the spirit of giving, four local business consultants have banded together to offer a gift to the local small business community:  free seminars highlighting less expensive and more effective ways to market their businesses.

Combine one accountant, one desktop publisher/graphic artist, 
one organizational consultant and one extreme marketer.  
Add a pinch of frugality and a cup of creativity.  
Shake vigorously.  Watch your profits grow.

The concept began to evolve a few months ago when Steve Vernon and Art Smith were collaborating on a marketing presentation
for a local restaurateur.  The thought occurred to them that,
by forging an alliance, they would individually and collectively benefit while providing the client with a more well-rounded plan of action.  Discussing the idea with local consultants Belle Fobare and 
Sandy Braddock, the venture took on a life all its own. 

After many hours of library and internet research, numerous
lunches with local business leaders, a seemingly endless stream
of emails and a handful of meetings at the Centre Club,
the concept was boiled down to a simple idea:
form an association dedicated to educating local businesses and organizations, fostering their formation, growth and success. 

The result: team think tank

 Through a series of seminars and forums, as well as a website replete with valuable resources, the group hopes to help local businesses weather the current economic storm and thrive
through creativity, innovation and sound business practices.

 The forums will focus on the successful marketing and operational strategies of well-known companies and organizations, as well as case studies of smaller ‘mom and pop’ operations in the local area, followed by a question and answer segment and a brainstorming session.  Guest speakers will frequently be featured to enhance the value of the program. 

team think tank will provide these seminars at no charge
to local business and organizational leaders. 

contact art smith at 239 850 2728 for more info

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